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It was 8:20 A.M, meaning that it’s time for a break. We had just finished a Chemistry class, and it made me feel like I had fried my circuit board. I needed this break. Usually I would turn my head around and chat with my classmates. We often talk about video games, or any shocking scandals that happened the day before. But today is different, and I have a confession to make. Last night, I stayed up late to watch a movie on Netflix, so I was almost, almost late for school today. As a result, I brought an empty, rubbling stomach to the class. That’s why I decided to take a visit to the canteen. I was thinking “I haven’t had the renowned instant noodle for a while, maybe I should have that.” With that in mind, I ambled to the canteen. However, before I could reach the destination, I suddenly remembered that I hadn’t written my English essay for the next class. I sprinted back to the class, grabbed my pen and started writing furiously. I recalled everything I had done during today’s morning break time as everything played back in my brain like a video. And that was what happened 25 minutes ago. I finished my homework just in time for the bell to ring, signalling the start of the next class. Feeling relieved, I breathed a sigh of relief and closed the notebook, knowing that no homework was left unfinished. Or is it?